17 Drugstore Beauty Favorites That Won 2022 Readers’ Choice Awards

We asked, you answered, we awarded. Now, check out the rest of our 2022 Readers’ Choice Award winners. If our Readers’ Choice Awards have proven anything over the years, it’s that Allure readers have impeccable taste in beauty and personal care products. More often than not, a slew of especially affordable products makes the cut, … Read more

These Unconventional Moisturizers Work Wonders on Dry, Sensitive Lips

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How to Get Rid of a Sunburn Fast, According to Dermatologists

“When you get a sunburn, UV light causes inflammation in the skin similar to what you might get from a thermal burn from the oven,” says Joshua Zeichner, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and the director of cosmetic and clinical dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. “That’s why it’s important to hydrate the … Read more