The True Botanicals Anniversary Sale 2022 Has Officially Kicked Off | Details, shop Now

Got sensitive skin? Look no further than the Calm Pure Radiance Oil, a moisturizing oil that’ll make skin dewier than ever without irritating it. Expect your skin to glow with the help of a skin-conditioning and soothing trifecta of calendula, ginger root, and cucumber seed oils. Moisture Lock Overnight Mask It may be summer, but … Read more

Best New Hair and Scalp Products Launching in June 2022

Hot take: This is the summer of the scalp. Considering how sweaty things are gonna get, we can’t pay attention to just our hair while our scalps are at their oiliest. That’s like painting your nails without doing a base coat first. And luckily, lots of the new June launches are focused squarely on where … Read more