24 Best Mascaras of 2022 To Amplify the Look of Your Lashes, According To Allure Editors

When your place of employment happens to be Allure, everyone and their grandmothers tend to treat you like a living, breathing beauty encyclopedia — not a humblebrag, just the honest truth. Not a single day goes by when at least one person randomly asks us, “What is your favorite [insert beauty product here]?” The best … Read more

Relaxation and Self-Care Are Elusive For Many Black Women — Rest Advocates Are Trying To Change That

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The 24 Best Curling Irons and Wands of 2022 — Hairstylist Reviews

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Courteney Cox Is Making Home-Care a Thing With Homecourt Brand | Interview

On house plants: I get fresh eucalyptus each week. Even if you can’t smell it, there’s something about it that looks very natural — and I love that. I [also] have eucalyptus oil in the shower, so if I take a steam, I’ll add a few drops into the water.  On smelling good: I  always … Read more

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The New Battle Braids of the U.S. Military — Report

With an Army career of almost 30 years, Major General Telita Crosland, the deputy surgeon general, remembers a time when even a hair elastic was verboten: “As a cadet, you couldn’t put anything in your hair. No rubber bands, no clips, no barrettes.” Crosland recalls that, as a physician heading to Iraq in 2005, “one … Read more

Joey Mills Helped Define ’80s Glamour — and Paved the Way for Black Makeup Artists

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How Bodegas Became Cultural Centers for Beauty — See Photos

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Alok Vaid-Menon on the Power & Joy of Queer Beauty

Writer, performer, activist, and designer Alok Vaid-Menon reflects on gender, self- expression, and the need to reimagine beauty. As told to Sam Escobar. When I wake up in the morning, I ask myself a question: What am I feeling today? It is less about a physical location, or where I’m going, and more oriented to … Read more

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Hairstylist Jawara is in perpetual motion. “I love to approach the unknown,” he says. And he doesn’t hesitate to do so. When you discover his artistry, you are greeted by the unconventional. Hair is sculpted into seemingly impossible shapes — and it’s a masterpiece. His creative mind is heavily influenced by Black culture. Born in … Read more