Meet Dermatox, the Latest Neurotoxin Injectable Up for FDA Approval

Dr. Koo further explains that it will block the targeted muscle at the nerve to prevent muscular contraction, similar to other neurotoxins on the market. “DTX-021 is a botulinum toxin type A similar to Allergan’s Botox,” she says. “Its mechanism of action is the same.” You can also expect Dermatox to be injected in the … Read more

After Plastic Surgery, More Patients Are Recovering in First-Class Hotels

Lymphatic massage, compression boots, and trips to the drugstore (no scrunchie? no problem!) are all on the menu. “We’re big on the concierge side,” says Amy Dunfrund, director of operations at Prestige. “One patient had a specific vegan restaurant that she wanted food from. Another needed makeup to be picked up at Saks Fifth Avenue, … Read more

Daxi, the New, Long-Lasting Neurotoxin, Is Awaiting FDA Approval — Here’s What Dermatologists Think

Neurotoxin injections can help with a bounty of concerns, both cosmetic and medical. It relaxes muscles to reduce the appearance of fine lines for smoother skin texture, and it can even target and curb excessive sweating and migraines. The biggest drawback to investing in any neurotoxin, though, is that its benefits only last for a … Read more