Skin Care Ingredients Are Being Added to Hair Care Products

That said, pollution’s precise toll on hair is unknown. “I haven’t seen a ton of research proving it’s a major threat,” says Schueller. “Of all the things that can harm hair — chemicals, brushing, heat — I’d imagine free radicals are low on the list.” WHAT WORKS: With thinning and graying as potential consequences, why … Read more

Follow the “Skin-Care Pyramid” for Your Best Skin Yet — Watch Video

When it comes to our skin, we trust board-certified dermatologists above all else — especially ones with incredible skin themselves. It’s why we regularly ask derms like Mona Gohara, MD, what their own personal skin-care routines look like. Based in Connecticut, Dr. Gohara has previously told us all about her regimen, but she also knows … Read more