I Don’t Blame Amber Heard for Forgetting the Makeup She Used on Her Bruises. I Have.

“No woman wants to walk around with a bruise on her face,” Heard said on the stand, adding that it was especially vital for her to cover her face for the paparazzi that follow her around Los Angeles. Dr. Mosley says it’s common for abuse survivors to experience a sense of shame about their experiences. … Read more

Redditor Posts About Husband Who Won’t Pay for Makeup He Threw Away

There’s nothing that breaks up your mid-week slump quite like good, old-fashioned, guttural rage directed to strangers on the internet. And that’s precisely what I feel after reading one recent popular thread on the viral Reddit community r/AmItheAsshole. For the uninitiated, this particular corner of the internet is where people go to anonymously vent about … Read more

TikTok Is Trying to Bring Back Thin Eyebrows, and I’m Begging It to Stop

That’s why, some 20-odd years down the line, many millennials can still be found Googling “microblading,” “eyebrow serum,” or “how to grow eyebrows back” on any given night of the week. We’ve lived through multiple school graduations, our first years on our own as adults, and hell, even a pandemic, all while waiting impatiently for … Read more