Natalie Portman on Bulking up for Thor: ‘I Was Asked to Get as Big as Possible’

Five-foot-three Natalie Portman, slight of build and high of voice, has always had a naturally petite presence. Even with her powerhouse acting chops, she comes across as elfin, a trope she’s leaned into — ever seen that “Natalie’s Rap” sketch on SNL? But for her upcoming role as The Mighty Thor (Jane Foster plus hammer … Read more

Joey King Transforms Into an Ass-Kicking Rapunzel With Hip-Length Red Hair — See Video

In her upcoming film The Princess, Joey King transforms into a long-haired badass on a mission. In the trailer, which dropped on June 2, King plays — you guessed it— a fiery-haired princess locked away in a tower after refusing to wed a terrible man. She can be seen kicking ass, literally, as her thick … Read more