9 Best Foot Exfoliators, Peels, and Scrubs to Smooth Feet in 2022 — Expert Recs

Despite its massive fan base, Baby Foot isn’t the only exfoliator that can bring rough, calloused feet back to life. There are actually three main types of ingredients to look out for in foot peels: chemical exfoliators, skin softeners, and manual exfoliators, according to Joshua Zeichner, MD, the director of cosmetic and clinical research of … Read more

Here Are the Two Natural Ingredients Ancient Egyptians Used to Wash Their Skin — See Video

There are some skin-care treatments and ingredients that have existed since ancient times. As the years passed and we acquired more knowledge, some of those beloved skin-care traditions got left in the past for more effective treatments and new technologies. A handful, however, have stood the test of time because of their efficacy such as … Read more