I Don’t Blame Amber Heard for Forgetting the Makeup She Used on Her Bruises. I Have.

“No woman wants to walk around with a bruise on her face,” Heard said on the stand, adding that it was especially vital for her to cover her face for the paparazzi that follow her around Los Angeles. Dr. Mosley says it’s common for abuse survivors to experience a sense of shame about their experiences. … Read more

Can Ketamine Therapy Help With Depression? Yes, But It’s Expensive.

“Ketamine in itself is actually quite inexpensive,” Levy says. “What makes it so costly is the fact that you have so much professional time supporting the experience. You’re screened by a psychiatrist, you have a therapeutic team, and someone to check on you during the entire experience. So these are people whose time is… unfortunately, … Read more

Therapy Helped Gabrielle Union Repair Her Relationship With Her Hair — Interview

As inconsequential as it might seem to some people, hair can be a central part of your identity — to the point that a haircut, whether a subtle trim or something more drastic, can change not only how your hair looks but also how you feel about yourself. While a new cut is exciting for … Read more

What It’s Like to Live With Topical Steroid Withdrawal

Many people can use topical or oral steroids without experiencing any severe side effects, but a small, unknown percentage suffer from something called topical steroid withdrawal (TSW). TSW can occur when people have developed a dependency on topical steroids and decrease or stop usage. “The higher the potency, the longer the period of [steroid] application, … Read more

Rapper Monaleo’s Self-Care Journey Is Still in Progress — Interview

So, I have to be comfortable with myself and I have to create an environment where I’m comfortable because I can’t rely on everybody else in this world to make sure that I’m comfortable. You get so used to being uncomfortable, especially as a Black woman. You swallow it and don’t say anything about it. … Read more

How To Add Sleep Meditation to Your Bedtime Routine

It can also be helpful to practice focused breathing techniques during this time. Dr. O’Neill says pairing meditation with focused deep breathing will help release muscle tension and help you relax. You can opt for rhythmic digraph breathing, or the 4-7-8 technique, where you inhale through your nose while counting to four, hold your breath … Read more

After My Amputation, Makeup Is Bridging the Gap Between My Missing Arm and Me

After I had my arm amputated, I swapped out my bandages for the temporary tattoos that came with some vintage Lisa Frank valentines I bought on eBay. I know what you’re thinking: those must’ve been some transcendental tattoos! And they were. Not because almost all 24 of them stuck to my skin perfectly despite being … Read more