Five DJs on How Black American Style and Beauty Shapes Black Culture Globally

Gogo embraces the fullness of the different kinds of Black beauty that make up her look today. When she’s spinning, you’ll rarely find her without a designer bag slung across her body. She favors a “natural” beat, uplifted by lush lashes and ’90s-style lipstick and liner. If she’s not swinging mile-long braids to pulsating grooves, … Read more

As a Light-Skinned Black Woman, It’s My Mission to Be an Advocate for Anyone With Darker Skin Tones

The Black women of Gen Z are also using their words to liberate. Consider Sage, a community-centered trans artist and activist. Her father is first-gen Afro-Cuban and her mother is white. I recently had breakfast with her in a little coffee spot in Bushwick, Brooklyn, where we talked liberation, and the protective nature of lashes. … Read more

Chlöe Bailey Takes Her Place Among the Hip-Hop Feminists — Cover Interview

As a teen star and half of a sister act, Chlöe Bailey charmed audiences for years. Now she’s launched a solo music career and is lending her distinctive voice to an essential story about sex, race, and Black women’s bodies. BY: Joan Morgan PHOTOGRAPHED BY: Micaiah Carter On the day of our interview, Chlöe is … Read more

Chlöe Bailey’s Hairstylist Bought Her Allure Cover Shoot Accessories at Michaels — Interview

Chlöe Bailey is arguably most well-known for being one-half of the Beyoncé-approved musical duo Chlöe x Halle. The sisters have been in the spotlight since their early days on YouTube covering popular songs, including “Pretty Hurts,” which got Queen B’s attention and earned them a deal with her label Parkwood Entertainment. Last summer, Chlöe embarked … Read more

Celebrating the Legacy and Liberation of Black Beauty in Allure’s First Melanin Edit Issue

DAVIS: It’s rituals. TAYLOR: It’s tradition. DAVIS: Mikki, you were often the only [Black beauty editor]. What did you walk in there with? Who was with you? TAYLOR: At the time, the 14.2 million Black women that Essence served. I knew that when I walked through those doors, that every one of those queens walked … Read more

Rapper Monaleo’s Self-Care Journey Is Still in Progress — Interview

So, I have to be comfortable with myself and I have to create an environment where I’m comfortable because I can’t rely on everybody else in this world to make sure that I’m comfortable. You get so used to being uncomfortable, especially as a Black woman. You swallow it and don’t say anything about it. … Read more

The History of the Dark Lip Liner Look That Defined the ’90s Begins Decades Earlier

Clara Bow’s cupid’s bow. Marlene Dietrich’s overlined lips. Marilyn Monroe’s contoured pout. All three of these now-iconic makeup looks could not have been done without lip liner. The simple, slim colored pencil is one of the tools the world’s best-known makeup artists have been using since the 1920s to literally etch out the American Beauty … Read more

How Atlanta Became a Hub for Beauty Brand Startups

Paco Rabanne top and skirt. Chloé earrings. 3555 Gwinnett Place Dr. NW, Duluth The Atlanta area’s premier 24-hour jjimjilbang, or Korean bathhouse, features nine different mineral-encrusted saunas of varying temperatures — at just $35 to enter. It’s an example of how Atlanta’s Korean population (the biggest of all metropolitan areas in the South) is a … Read more

The Founders of Luna Magic Didn’t Mean to Become Ambassadors for Afro-Latinidad — Interview

Seeing success in the beauty industry as more collaborative than competitive is also the blueprint for Luna Magic’s in-the-works one-day symposium in New York and Los Angeles called Mentor Magic. After having fielded questions on a weekly basis about what it takes to launch a brand from various walks of life, the sisters are gathering … Read more