Lady Gaga’s Makeup-Free Selfie Belongs in the Louvre

Lady Gaga changes her makeup style more often than some frat guys change their underwear. One of the most prolific beauty chameleons of our time, she’s bounced from edgy and avant-garde to Old Hollywood glam to goth and everything in between. But whether she’s hopping from one polar-opposite makeup look to another or sticking with … Read more

Megan Thee Stallion Vows to Go Makeup-Free Until Coachella 2022 — See Photos

There’s no question that Megan Thee Stallion is impeccably versatile when it comes to her looks — the array of colorful wigs she adorns is proof alone. So much so, it’s become her signature to not be predictable. I mean, one day her lengthy hair is falling to her waist and the next she’s serving … Read more