Bite Beauty Announces 2022 Brand Closure and 50 Percent Off Sale on Sephora

It’s always a sad day in the beauty world when a beloved brand decides to shut down. Most recently, we said goodbye to the iconic Becca Cosmetics when it announced it will be stopping production on its products back in February 2021. Today, we say goodbye to another brand we love just as much, Bite … Read more

Violette_Fr’s Petal Matte Bouche in Cœur Infidèle Is the Only Hot Pink Lipstick That Looks Good on Me | Editor Review, Photos

Historically, hot pink looks like shit on me. No, listen: I’m the first person to preach that anyone can pull off anything, and that they just have to go for it. But when it comes to wearing magenta and fuchsia tones on my skin, they usually just don’t work. They make my redness-prone skin appear … Read more

MAC’s Chili Is One of the Most Popular Lipsticks in the World | Review, Photos

Think about how many different lipsticks are tucked into makeup bags, rolling around the bottom of purses, and waiting to be rediscovered in random kitchen drawers (just us?) around the world. Yet, somehow, the same shade of red — not just any red, but a very specific brick red—is currently a favorite in 19 countries.  … Read more