Bill Nye Is Begging You to Not Use Oil on Your Scalp — Interview

“It can stick with you throughout your adult years,” Dr. Thomas says. “It can come in phases.” Whenever it may occur, the solution is to use a dandruff shampoo containing zinc pyrithione. But Nye urges you to follow it up not with a regular conditioner, but one specifically meant for dandruff. “So if you use … Read more

Celebrating the Legacy and Liberation of Black Beauty in Allure’s First Melanin Edit Issue

DAVIS: It’s rituals. TAYLOR: It’s tradition. DAVIS: Mikki, you were often the only [Black beauty editor]. What did you walk in there with? Who was with you? TAYLOR: At the time, the 14.2 million Black women that Essence served. I knew that when I walked through those doors, that every one of those queens walked … Read more

Meet the Woman Behind LA’s Most Sought-After Lash Extensions | Interview

Around the same time, Sahaba started to feel discouraged by her college classes moving to an online format. Without going back and forth to classes, she needed something to fill her time. Getting her lashes done every two weeks proved to be a fun alternative. During her appointments, Sahaba would ask her lash artist how … Read more

Rapper Monaleo’s Self-Care Journey Is Still in Progress — Interview

So, I have to be comfortable with myself and I have to create an environment where I’m comfortable because I can’t rely on everybody else in this world to make sure that I’m comfortable. You get so used to being uncomfortable, especially as a Black woman. You swallow it and don’t say anything about it. … Read more

Aly & AJ on Y2K Beauty, TikTok, and Their Current Makeup Routines | Interview

But thought has gone into this hypothetical plan. AJ chimes in to say she’s thought about bleaching her hair platinum, though, while keeping her brows dark to have the reverse version of Aly’s look.  I tell the sisters they should reconsider these bold changes and follow through with them. “I still love the idea,” AJ … Read more

We Put the Founders of Bobbi Brown, Bliss, and Urban Decay in a Room Together — Interview

Brown: I took two days off after I left [Bobbi Brown Cosmetics]. Then I started looking… What’s next? Zomnir: I was like, “Oh, my God… Do I have to become a YouTuber? Is that my fate?” Because I don’t really enjoy doing that. I enjoy creating things and putting stuff on my face and the … Read more

Lily Collins Reveals Her Hair-Care Routine and All-Time Favorite Hairstyles — Interview

In her downtime, Collins makes sure to use hair masks, a product she typically doesn’t have time for during busy set schedules, once or twice a week to maintain the health of her hair in-between projects. “It’s [about] repairing but also preparing for the damage that will probably come.” (For the record, we like Olaplex … Read more