The Hime Cut Is All Over TikTok — Here’s What to Know Before You Get It

When Candy Richens won a hair makeover from Alchemy Salon in Collingwood, Australia, she knew exactly what she wanted to ask for: the hime cut. The hairstyle, which means “princess” in Japanese, has historical roots and consists of blunt frontal fringe and face-framing side pieces, with the remaining hair worn long and straight down the … Read more

Lily Collins Reveals Her Hair-Care Routine and All-Time Favorite Hairstyles — Interview

In her downtime, Collins makes sure to use hair masks, a product she typically doesn’t have time for during busy set schedules, once or twice a week to maintain the health of her hair in-between projects. “It’s [about] repairing but also preparing for the damage that will probably come.” (For the record, we like Olaplex … Read more

Lil’ Kim Camouflaged Her Hair Into Her Outfit — Literally — See Photos

To be clear, there’s no leaving Lil’ Kim out of any conversation when a notable hair or beauty trend is the topic of discussion. After all, she is among icons that have pioneered a multitude of trends still relevant to this day. She’s provided countless red carpet moments from the early 2000s with epic fashion … Read more