13 Best Tweezers for Eyebrows 2022 That’ll Pluck Stray Hairs With Ease

If you’re trying to shape your brows at home, a handy pair of the best tweezers for eyebrows should do just the trick. Yes, there are tons of hair removal products to choose from nowadays, but tweezers are our old reliable because 1) they’re way less intimidating than waxing, and 2) they’re also much more … Read more

The Best Razors for Women 2022 Who Want a Close, Comfortable Shave

People who develop razor burn from cartridge razors would benefit from these. “There are safety razors with closed combs and longer handles that are recommended for women’s legs and armpits,” says Dr. Batra, who notes they can also be used on the face as a dermaplaning tool to exfoliate the skin while removing peach fuzz. … Read more

What Is Scalp Pigmentation? Experts Break Down the Tattooing Technique for Faking Fuller Hair

Much of the confusion that surrounds scalp micropigmentation is caused by folks lumping it together with microblading, but they don’t actually do the same thing. “Microblading relies on small strokes, semi-permanent ink, and a blade that cuts into the skin – it’s totally different,” says Jara.  It’s also easy to get lost in the jargon … Read more