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Alternatively, #BlackGirlLuxury is criticized for promoting hyper-consumerism, unrealistic expectations, and unhealthy spending habits. In my opinion, fragrance has been on the rise simply because it is a luxury item that the average person can find room for in their lives. While a Chanel bag, Range Rover, or luxury vacation to the Maldives may be out … Read more

11 Best Perfume Sales 2022 During Memorial Day for Fresh New Additions to Your Fragrance Collection

The Derek Lam 10 Crosby Looking Glass Eau de Parfum is a delicate concoction of warmth and floral notes, thanks to its key notes of magnolias and tonka bean, and will be less than $50 over the holiday weekend. The Phluid Project’s Transcend Bi-Phase Eau de Parfum is energetic in spirit through its fruity, summertime-inspired … Read more

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This Is What Charlotte Palermino Smells Like — Interview

Shea butter has a lovely scent when it’s not rancid. So many shea butters can be like that — that’s actually the real reason why I think a lot of people have had bad experiences with it, they don’t get good shea butter. Hanahana Beauty… their source is impeccable. The scents, too. So good.  Nivea … Read more

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