‘Euphoria’ Makeup Artist Donni Davy’s Half Magic Makeup Line Is Finally Here | Exclusive Details

“Particularly with glitter, if you use a wet glitter product, it can muck up a powder eye shadow, which I’d run into a lot,” Davy says. “Then I’d be searching for long-wear liquid eye shadows, but they weren’t pigmented enough or maybe they were cream-based so they would move around. It was searching around for … Read more

Meet the Woman Behind LA’s Most Sought-After Lash Extensions | Interview

Around the same time, Sahaba started to feel discouraged by her college classes moving to an online format. Without going back and forth to classes, she needed something to fill her time. Getting her lashes done every two weeks proved to be a fun alternative. During her appointments, Sahaba would ask her lash artist how … Read more

Alexa Demie Looks Like Betty Boop’s Twin With Her Slicked-Down Pixie — See Photos

Alexa Demie has become an instant it-girl thanks to her role as Maddy in Euphoria. Now, folks are obsessed with knowing everything about the HBO star (did you know she once designed sunglasses for celebs like Nicki Minaj?) and that includes keeping an eye out for every beauty and fashion choice she makes. Her new … Read more

Sydney Sweeney’s 10-Minute Beauty Routine Involves a Familiar “Euphoria” Prop — See Video

Sydney Sweeney plays many roles not only on-screen but also in her day-to-day life. It must be exhausting to be constantly traveling for red carpet appearances, fixing up old cars, and playing the tumultuous role of Cassie in Euphoria. So, she maintains a masterful skin-care routine to keep her grounded, and she kindly shared it … Read more

After My Amputation, Makeup Is Bridging the Gap Between My Missing Arm and Me

After I had my arm amputated, I swapped out my bandages for the temporary tattoos that came with some vintage Lisa Frank valentines I bought on eBay. I know what you’re thinking: those must’ve been some transcendental tattoos! And they were. Not because almost all 24 of them stuck to my skin perfectly despite being … Read more