Rapper Monaleo’s Self-Care Journey Is Still in Progress — Interview

So, I have to be comfortable with myself and I have to create an environment where I’m comfortable because I can’t rely on everybody else in this world to make sure that I’m comfortable. You get so used to being uncomfortable, especially as a Black woman. You swallow it and don’t say anything about it. … Read more

The Beauty Products ‘Bienvenidos a Éden’ Star Belinda Would Bring With Her to Eden

Allure: How do you feel about returning to acting in Bienvenidos a Éden? Belinda: I’m very excited! It’s an amazing story. I loved everything: the actors, the crew, and, of course, the views because we filmed in Teruel and Lanzarote. These are beautiful places in Spain. It was an amazing experience. My character is very … Read more

Met Gala 2022: A Gold-Painted Cara Delevingne Walked the Met Gala Red Carpet Topless – Photos

There’s always a lot of chatter about gowns and getups at the Met Gala, and understandably so — the night is all about fashion. But while Cara Delevingne made her way to Metropolitan Museum of Art wearing a satiny, red suit, the talk once she arrived wasn’t so much about her ensemble as much as … Read more

The Makeup Products Paulina Rubio Is Taking on the Perrisimas Tour — Interview

That much is apparent, especially when you consider that she and her Perrisima tourmate, Guzmán, were pitted against each other in a media-fueled rivalry during the ’90s. Thirty years later, it’s a statement that you can’t make enemies of two powerful women. That’s kind of the spirit of the word, perrisima, which roughly translates to … Read more