It Is Not Normal or Admirable That Kim Kardashian Lost 16 Pounds in 3 Weeks for the Met Gala

While we watched this unfold, the Allure Slack channels immediately lit up with one particular question: Has diet culture really changed all that much since that time period, or are we under the illusion that things are better because body standards are a little different? If anything, this conversation proved to me that — despite … Read more

23 Allure-Approved Small Beauty Businesses Worth a Road Trip Across the United States

MAREN MORRIS: My mother is a hairdresser, so when I moved to Nashville I knew I had to find someone who could carry the torch of what she had done for me for 23 years. I googled the best salons in Nashville and then I found you. MARWA BASHIR: I remember when we met. It … Read more