We Put the Founders of Bobbi Brown, Bliss, and Urban Decay in a Room Together — Interview

Brown: I took two days off after I left [Bobbi Brown Cosmetics]. Then I started looking… What’s next? Zomnir: I was like, “Oh, my God… Do I have to become a YouTuber? Is that my fate?” Because I don’t really enjoy doing that. I enjoy creating things and putting stuff on my face and the … Read more

Scarlett Johansson Had Colin Jost Test Her New Skin-Care Line The Outset — Read Interview

Colin Jost is an eye cream guy. At least, that’s according to Scarlett Johansson. “I’ve never had a partner who used eye cream before,” she tells Allure over a Zoom call. (The actor and Saturday Night Live star married in 2020, and share a six-month-old son, Cosmo.) “I always forget to put eye cream on, … Read more