DIY All Natural Bug Spray

There are very few things that I don’t like about summer, and one of those is bug bites. It keeps me from wanting to go camping or stay outside after dark. I just can’t stand those itchy, painful bites! But one thing I hate more than the bug bites themselves is using bug spray loaded … Read more

Our Complete Guide to Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Natural living is not just about food or body lotions. It’s about everything we get in contact with. One thing that’s often overlooked: our nails. It may seem that they’re not as sensitive as skin, but they actually are. You know that strong smell nail polish tends to have, the one that sometimes makes you … Read more

How to Make Cold Process Soap with Lye

While we’ve tried a few different soap-making methods here on Hello Glow, there’s still one method that we haven’t yet tackled: soap with lye. I consider myself a pretty fearless DIYer (I mean, what could possibly go wrong with a half-pound of charcoal and some citric acid?) but I have always been a little nervous … Read more

Vitamin-Rich Eye Wrinkle Cream Recipe

The fragile skin around our eyes is usually the first area on our face to age with fine lines and wrinkles, the ones we so un-affectionately term ‘crow’s feet.’ The reasons for this are we have fewer oil glands in this under-eye area to keep the skin lubricated and protected, and we’re constantly squinting and … Read more

How To Create a Moon Bath Ritual

There is something so intriguing, inspiring, and influential about lunar energies—if you’re anything like me, you may find yourself to be more reflective and slow around new moons, or invigorated, stimulated, and largely sleepless around full moons, ebbing and flowing like ocean tides according to the light at night. The moon’s movement through the 12 … Read more

DIY Sea Salt Spray for Hair + Body

I’m so ready to go to the beach this year! The salt water and wind always combine to make my normally flat-as-a-pancake hair super textured and full of body. So I finally got around to trying a DIY sea salt spray for beachy hair, and, what a surprise, it works! I don’t normally use hairspray … Read more

5 Ways To Use Peppermint Oil for Hair

When I think of peppermint essential oil, I automatically think about its benefits for headaches, digestive troubles, and even its antimicrobial properties. I’m a big fan of the fresh, minty aroma, and my brain immediately begins perking up when I smell it. I’ve long known that peppermint is an incredibly versatile essential oil, and it’s … Read more