Charli D’Amelio Launches the Born Dreamer Fragrance — Read Interview

There are certain topics that are an obvious match for TikTok. Take dance clips, for instance, which over the last two or so years have turned countless creators into viral stars. And then there’s perfume. It might not be an obvious contender for TikTok sensation — scent’s most important qualities cannot be experienced through a screen, and even the most eloquent among us can struggle to translate a scent into words. But yet, PerfumeTok has made many fragrances into sensations. Now a top creator is getting in on the game. Charli D’Amelio, TikTok’s most followed influencer, has launched her first fragrance, Born Dreamer.

“The way that I like to describe the smell is clean and fresh,” D’Amelio tells Allure. “I’ve worn perfume for many years now, and I’ve been wearing Born Dreamer exclusively for the past year and a half. When I walk into a room, I noticeably get compliments.” 

This is not D’Amelio’s first foray into beauty. After her TikTok dance clips helped her gain more than 141 million followers on the platform, she and her sister Dixie launched nail polishes with Orosa Beauty and makeup sets with Morphe 2. But with Born Dreamer, which arrives exclusively at Ulta Beauty on June 26, D’Amelio steps into her own.

“I remember growing up, whenever we would go out somewhere and my parents would put on a different type of fragrance, it was always super noticeable for me,” she says. “And I wanted that [scent] of my own. I wanted a signature smell that when I walked into the room, people noticed it.”

Created with French fragrance house Robertet, which has developed fragrances for the likes of Off-White and Ariana Grande, Born Dreamer features notes of citrus, pear and jasmine. “The jasmine is so special. That was something that I was able to smell in real life in [Grasse,] France,” D’Amelio explains. 

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