Simone Biles’s Frosty Eye Shadow. That’s the Headline. — See Photos

Simone Biles is an absolute trendsetter, and her latest makeup look is one that we’ve been seeing on what seems like everyone recently. Well, if Hailey Bieber, Doja Cat, and the characters on Euphoria were everyone. If Biles is wearing frosty eye shadow, you know that she’s going to put her own twist on it; we’d expect nothing less from the athlete.

On May 3, Biles posted two photos on Instagram of the look. She’s in a green crocodile-patterned dress, to which she matched her eye shadow so precisely. In the first image, her eyes are shut, giving us the whole view of her lids. Beginning in her inner eye corners with some white highlight, her inner lids have a shimmering light green color on them, and the outer lids seemingly have a blended brown-green matte tone. 

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In the second photo, her eyes are open, so we’re staring directly at the finished results — which are gorgeous, by the way. Her eyeliner is winged, and her false lashes really give an extra oomph to her beautiful brown eyes. There also appears to be a little bit of gloss on her lips.

“Just a lil glam for NY,” she wrote in the caption with a green heart emoji. Yeah, no big deal. For the rest of the look, her nails are bright orange and oval-shaped, and her braided hair is dyed ombré and falling down to her forearms.

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