Long Nails Ruled the 2022 Met Gala Red Carpet — See Photos

The annual Met Gala is back at its regularly scheduled date, the first Monday of May. This year’s theme is part two of 2021’s American fashion-centric night. But this time around attendees are trying to dazzle us with their best attempts at gilded glamour for the “In America: An Anthology of Fashion” theme — we’re hoping to see coiled updos, extravagant ballgowns, and glamorous makeup that makes our jaws drop. 

Still, our eyes couldn’t help but trail down to the manicures. There’s been light debate as to whether or not short or long nails will be the trend this year, and it seems like lengthy talons reigned supreme at the 2022 Met Gala. Stay tuned in to see all the gorgeous manicures from the night in all the shapes, colors, and designs. 

White Out

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Emma Chamberlain arrived on the red carpet in a cropped two-piece set, bedazzled choker, and a silver-studded tiara. She paired the look with a platinum-blonde bob, golden eye makeup that looks like a sunset, and white, coffin-shaped nails, which nail artist Betina Goldstein painted using CND nail polish. White manicures are always a classic, but Goldstein added a 3D twist with a textured finish — take a close look, and you’ll notice the ridges.

See the Swirls

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