Machine Gun Kelly Did an Evil Eye Manicure in Neon Pink and Green – Photos

By now, you’ve probably noticed that Machine Gun Kelly is a fan of manicures. A fanicure, if you will. He’d been showing up on red carpets wearing some serious nail art long before he launched his own nail polish brand, UN/DN LAQR. In fact, if you rearrange the letters in Machine Gun Kelly, you get “me chunky gel nail,” which doesn’t make much sense yet still feels kinda relevant. But despite having come to fully expect major manicure moments from the recording artist, we find we can still be surprised, delighted, and a little bit freaked out by the fine art on his fingertips.

On Wednesday, April 27, Machine Gun Kelly posted a carousel of photos and videos to his Instagram grid celebrating the plaque he received for his album Mainstream Sellout hitting number one on the Billboard 200 chart. “Got this plaque and a death threat on the same day, can’t wait for summer tour!!” he wrote in the caption, and while we hope he’s joking about the death threat, perhaps that’s what inspired him to opt for the especially intense evil eye manicure he shows off in the post.

The relatively simple yet bold nail art features a pointed oval eye design on the lunula of each nail. Atop each white sclera is a neon green iris with a black pupil in the middle. Making the manicure even more noticeable is the vibrant hot pink covering the rest of the nails, which serves as a base for the pointy black lashes. It’s all very punk Lilly Pulitzer, and we’re into it.

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