Meet Dermatox, the Latest Neurotoxin Injectable Up for FDA Approval

Dr. Koo further explains that it will block the targeted muscle at the nerve to prevent muscular contraction, similar to other neurotoxins on the market. “DTX-021 is a botulinum toxin type A similar to Allergan’s Botox,” she says. “Its mechanism of action is the same.”

You can also expect Dermatox to be injected in the same places on the face as other neurotoxin injections that are used to treat frown lines, like around the eyebrows and mouth.

What are the benefits of Dermatox?

Since Dermatox will have a similar function to other neurotoxins, Dr. Koo says you can presume that it will decrease and moderate animation lines in the face. That means, in non-science speak, that it will smooth fine lines and wrinkles in the areas we mentioned above (i.e., the 11s).

How is it different from other neuromodulators?

There’s not a lot of official info on the differences between Dermatox and other neurotoxins yet. Dr. Koo assumes that once Dermatox passes phase II of clinical trials, we’ll get more detail about what exactly makes it different. But for right now, it’s all just speculation.

“I suspect there may be less protein associated with the Botox during the manufacturing process to lessen immunogenicity,” she says. “Earlier time to onset, more predictability with results, less diffusion, and longer duration are all goals of any neuromodulator.”

“In their early studies, Aquavit has claimed it is highly purified and potent, but it is proprietary information, and there are no comparable data available to other toxins,” adds Dr. Graf.

Are there any downsides?

Because it works similar to other neurotoxins made to treat glabellar lines, both Dr. Graf and Dr. Koo predict that you can expect the same possible side effects, such as bruising, swelling, and soreness. Dr. Koo explains that Dermatox has already passed phase I of clinical trials, therefore it is presumed safe. Once the injection passes phase II, it will further validate its safety and efficacy.

Dr. Graf adds that you should probably avoid Dermatox if you’ve experienced serious negative effects from other neurotoxins. She also recommends that those who are currently pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid this treatment. Otherwise, it should be generally safe.

How close is it to being approved by the FDA?

Aquavit just recently submitted its Investigation of New Drug (IND) to the FDA for approval. Once it is approved, Dr. Graf says that Aquavit will initiate a long-term phase II clinical trial. Dr. Koo adds that phase II studies usually take up to two years. She suspects that Dermatox may lay the groundwork for another new neurotoxin Aquavit hopes to introduce into the market: Microtox.

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