The Makeup Products Paulina Rubio Is Taking on the Perrisimas Tour — Interview

That much is apparent, especially when you consider that she and her Perrisima tourmate, Guzmán, were pitted against each other in a media-fueled rivalry during the ’90s. Thirty years later, it’s a statement that you can’t make enemies of two powerful women. That’s kind of the spirit of the word, perrisima, which roughly translates to reclamation of the word perra, or bitch. The modern connotation is slang for a fierce woman. 

As Rubio roars into a new era of her career, she speaks to Allure about her legacy, the beauty products she swears by, and her hotly-anticipated tour.

ALLURE: 2022 marks the 30th year of your solo career. What have you learned about yourself in that time?

PR: That I’m stronger than I thought before. I’ve learned through the moments that made me a better person. I know myself better. I am more comfortable in my skin than before. I am more secure than when I was 18 for sure. I can be in the here and now instead of thinking about what’s going to happen tomorrow or how can I change what happened yesterday. That is not as important anymore. I learned to honor the present. That is the only thing we have.

ALLURE: What inspired you to team up with Alejandra Guzmán for the Perrisimas Tour?

Paulina Rubio: After the quarantine, I tried to think more about what I didn’t do in the past. I don’t want to repeat myself. I had a lot of time to be introspective and work on myself in different ways. Not just on the physical, but on a spiritual level and beyond. Alejandra and I had an opportunity to get together. We’re going to rock the world and satisfy all our fans while trying to break the mold. 

ALLURE: What does the word “perrismas” mean to you?

PR: “Perrismas” means dressing the way you feel. Perrismas means loving the way you feel. Perrismas means being who you are. Perrismas means doing whatever you want if you feel it and going for it.

ALLURE: What are some of your go-to makeup products to use on tour?

PR: Recently, I’ve been using a lot of Armani because their formulas are amazing for me. [I especially like] their pencil eyeliners — the formula is really lovely. The mascara I love is waterproof and it’s called Better Than Sex. I also love Make Up For Ever and have been using Shiseido. I love Shiseido foundations because they’re very thin but at the same time, they have a high SPF. Because I’m always in the sun in Miami, I need coverage.

ALLURE: What’s about your hair? What do you use to maintain it?

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