Kourtney Kardashian’s Detailed Floral Manicure Is Uncharacteristically Dainty — See Photo

Kourtney Kardashian is back at it with another elite manicure, and we expected nothing less. We’ve enjoyed watching her style become more edgy as each day passes as a result of her intertwining with Travis Barker. Personally, our favorite manicures of hers have been her black French tips at the 2022 Oscars, her solid red manicure with Barker’s initials for Valentine’s Day, and her silver nails matching Barker’s tooth gems. But is she taking a step back from her reign as the queen of pop-punk-inspired nails?

Just a few days after getting hitched with Barker at a simple ceremony in Las Vegas, the Poosh founder’s latest manicure was posted to Instagram on April 12 — and it’s way different from her past nail sets. However, her gigantic diamond engagement ring isn’t stopping us from analyzing her manicure.

Featured in her own Stories as well as in the feed of Los Angeles nail artist Kim Truong, the almond-shaped manicure has a nude base and is covered in tiny flowers. The baby blue, pastel pink, and red designs are complete with little leaves, so we can only imagine the vast amount of time that a manicure of this detail required for Truong. Since the nails are pretty short, we’re thinking they are au naturel.

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